ETA – Estimated Time of Arrest (via Small Press Reviews)


ETA - Estimated Time of Arrest Delphine Pontvieux's ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest is a sharp, fast-moving, intelligent novel that is equal parts thriller and romance. When Faustine Laroche falls for Rafael Vargas, she has no way of knowing about the past that he's running from. Years earlier, he participated in a march against the Spanish government that went horribly wrong. Now, living in exile under an assumed name, Vargas is a wanted criminal — and the terrorist organizati … Read More


A Calling (Yes, Calling!) To Write, A Mostly Positive Catholic School Experience, A Childhood Revisited. (via Writenic’s Blog)


Who says you can't go home.  There's only one place they call me one of their own.  –Who Says You Can't Go Home, Jon Bon Bovi An earlier version of this essay won First Prize Honors for Memoir, or Creative Nonfiction, at the 62nd Annual Philadelphia Writers Conference (June, 2010).  I was and still am honored to have received this recognition from such an excellent organization of writers, and have decided to publish the piece here on my own sit … Read More

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259 Words and Call Off the Intervention (via The Hack Novelist)


259 Words and Call Off the Intervention I wrote 259 words today on an idea for a new novel. Not an outline or fleshed out story, just an idea. “Um, Hack, isn’t it a little early to be thinking about your next novel?” Yes, it is, and I have to be careful. Starting work on a new novel before the last one is done might be standard practice for some authors, but I was raised better. I’m a one novel man, ever faithful until our relationship ends, either cordially or in the wake of a restrai … Read More

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Introduction to the Cuckoo’s Nest (via scholarship@kkc)


Some of you have chosen to read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for your novel study. I have added a little information about the novel below and made a short video to show you how the characters were represented in the excellent Milos Forman film of the same name. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962) is a novel written by Ken Kesey. It is set in an asylum in Oregon in the United States, an … Read More

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Writer, Interrupted (via Lisa Rivero)


Writer, Interrupted "I wasted time by reading emails whenever they came into my inbox. I noticed that once I had started reading the name of the sender, I read the first line of the text. Once I mastered that, I continued reading the entire message, and once I got to that point, I felt compelled to respond because there was no point in leaving an already half-finished task. Then sometimes I needed extra information to answer the message, so had to add other tasks… … Read More

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