The Perfect Gift: What to Get the Author in Your Life (via Abominations)


The Perfect Gift: What to Get the Author in Your Life In no way is this meant to be a hint. The fact that my birthday is coming up is purely coincidental. I should, however, admit that what put the idea for this post in my head is that it's the time of year when people ask me what I want. And the answer, honestly, is that I want more people to read my books. Yes, it's selfish, but that's the nature of the question. That, I suppose, is the nature of birthdays: It's my party, and I can beg people to r … Read More

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Murals in Philly (via BaNaNaIsm)


Murals in Philly I have had a crush with Philly, which I could not fully explain why I love her. It is like when you love someone for no reason, and you try to find a concrete evidence to support your emotion. I keep trying to find out why I love her so much by exploring every aspect of Philly. My very first attempt is to explore street arts, starting with murals. I was inspired by Cheri Lucas’s blog post Street Art of Blu: Murals in Berlin and Lisbon. Her fabulo … Read More

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Who’s Getting Stripped? (via Nicole Monaghan)


That's the question.  Or, it's not the question at all.  It's the "who" that we're de-emphasizing, the author, his/her gender, but ah, I just said his/her.  Hard to take that off, yes?  But possible.  And believe me when I tell you that when you read these stories you will be thinking about the who, and will marvel later (one year after release date, when pieces are matched with authors here) at who wrote what. For the last three and a half month … Read More

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