A real look at how I outline (via Wren Writes)


A real look at how I outline I’ve described my outlining process before on the blog, but this time I’m going to show you guys real pictures of my notes. I can not stress strongly enough that these are my actual notes from the book I Wish. If you haven’t read it yet and want to, there WILL be spoilers. Avoid this post at all costs if that will ruin the experience for you. The program I use is Onenote by Microsoft. I swear by it. It’s about the most amazing notetaking software … Read More

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Designs on Him (via Small Press Reviews)


Designs on Him Jill DiGiovanni’s debut novel, Designs on Him, places the author on equal footing with such better-known commodities in the “chick lit” genre as Sophie Kinsella and Jennifer Weiner. The novel follows the efforts of thirty-year-old Noel Kingsley at maintaining a successful career in interior design while simultaneously trying to find that most-elusive yet ironically ever-present of the genre’s chimeras: the perfect man. What she finds instead is w … Read More

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Everyone Loves Elwood: A True Story (via ) Small Press Reviews


Everyone Loves Elwood: A True Story As Jonathan Swift once said, every dog must have his day, and for one dog, that day is immortalized in Karen Quigley and Loren Spiota-DiMare’s charming children’s book Everyone Loves Elwood: A True Story. The story centers on Elwood, a dog once deemed too ugly for his breeder to sell. Fate, however, steps in for Elwood, and he’s eventually adopted by someone who loves him not despite but because of his unique appearance. That Elwood has a heart o … Read More


Call For Submissions: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (via FlashFiction.net)


The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts is currently accepting prose fiction and creative nonfiction submissions at this time. Our reading period ends on August 15, 2011. We publish (very) tiny, compressed prose creations of 600 words or less. We use Submishmash for all submissions. We value form, character, and words that fit to both. Experimentation is interesting. Experimentation for the sake of appearing experimental is less interesting. We like close reading and close writing. We like to feel what we read before we understand. Poetry submissions will be open on … Read More

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In Which I Confirm I’m Crazy (and a Little In Love with Rob Thomas). A Dozen Reasons Writers Are Like That. (via Writenic’s Blog)


I’m not crazy.  I’m just a little unwell. –UnWell, Rob Thomas. A Dozen Reasons Writers Are Like That: 1. Writers are dramatic about their writing.  They’re writers.    2. Writers are lonely and strange.  Think about it:  they make stuff up and/or document every elation and pain they’ve ever experienced or witnessed.  It’s weird.  3. Writers experience life through words, and they can’t imagine it any other way, except when they create characters … Read More

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