Michelle Wittle On Sh*ting or Getting Off the Pot

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My mother, I have mentioned on more then one occasion was an odd woman. She would always tell me to either “sh*t or get off the pot”. So I guess it can be noted that from a very small age, I have always been a very reluctant person. It takes a boulder the size of a small farming community to get me to go after something. Which is odd because some see me as the eternal “go getter”.

The truth is I am both. When I see the whole outcome of something and it looks positive, I will charge right ahead and run down whatever obstacles try to stand in my way. However, if I am unsure of something and the outcome is hazy, I drag my feet and do that fall to the ground thing that little kids do when they don’t want to leave the toy store (you know, when they fall down in a clump of themselves).

However, I keep hearing my mother’s deep man voice (true story there, my mother’s voice was deep and most people in my neighborhood were afraid of my mother) saying, “Michelle, you want to be a writer? Well, sh*t or get off the pot”.

So mom, I think I may be sh*ting because I am not ready to get off the pot.

I am going back into my failed novel “Nothing Fits”. I know what is wrong with it. I made lots of stupid mistakes and one fatal error. I didn’t let the main character tell her story. I wrote it in third person and allowed everyone else to speak for her. My character is very strong and does not want anyone else putting words and explainations in her mouth. In a way, I was afraid to let her speak. In doing that, I didn’t write the novel I was born to write. I wrote about two hundred pages of garbage.

It’s time to take out the garbage.

I am diving back into my character’s world and I am finally allowing her to tell her story. I toyed with the idea of making her tell my story, but I have recently learned that won’t work either. My character must stay true to her and I must do the same.

I have my Yoda all ready to go. He is dancing with his stick in his Dagobah world. My diet coke is replaced with Coke zero. I am ready to let my character speak.