PS Bookstore Now Online!


We’re pleased to announce that PS Books, the books division of Philadelphia Stories, has expanded its web presence to include a storefront. Drop by sometime to see the titles we have on offer — and keep checking back as our catalog continues to grow and we continue to showcase the work of our favorite Philadelphia writers!

In Which I Claim Writers’ Block is Bogus (via Nicole Monaghan)


I've got the magic in me.  Now everybody wants some presto. –Magic in Me, B.o.b. Write.  That's what I do.  I havn't.  I could call it the handy writers' block.  So serious and self-important.  So clinical.  Such closure on that.  I'm blocked, sorry. Images and ideas chirp like a cricket behind the sofa when you've fallen asleep near the puppy crate and the puppy is finally asleep and the pet tree frog is no longer croaking and the kids have all … Read More

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America’s Next Top Author (and other fantasy programs for book lovers) (via Here’s To Us)


America's Next Top Author (and other fantasy programs for book lovers) Think about it: in the realm of American TV, we have reality contest shows for just about everything, whether it's cooking, modeling, singing, or navigating ridiculous obstacle courses and falling into giant tubs of mud and/or shaving cream. And that's not even mentioning the realm of non-competive reality programming à la the Kardashians. Here's my question–why don't we have anything for writing? My solution is "America's Next Top Author." Cue … Read More

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The Writer’s Guide to Pulling Teeth (via Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files)


Here’s one from writer Albert Berg for everybody struggling with writer’s block in one form or another…

The Writer's Guide to Pulling Teeth I know how it is. You wake up. Or maybe you're about to go to bed. Whenever it is, you sit down to write.You know what you want to say, you understand the turns the plot needs to take, and you've got a good handle on your characters. But when you actually start to write it feels like things Just. Aren't. Working.Your brain feels like sludge, the words dribble onto the screen like thick sewage, and you start to get depressed. You know you're bette … Read More

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A Return to Reading Right (via X Rated)


As soon as I finished my master’s degree in English literature (and decided not to go on for a PhD), I declared that I would go back to “reading for pleasure” as I had done in my youth – before the canon, before the 30-page lit crits, and before the late-night discussions with professors in seedy Camden barrooms. For me, “reading for pleasure” meant that I would just read a book cover to cover – no underlining, no sticky notes, no analysis – and … Read More

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