Writing Prompt Wednesday: New Year’s Resolution Part Two


Last week, your character wrote down his or her New Year’s Resolution. This week I have some bad news. Your character already slipped up and broke his or her resolution.

Today’s writing prompt is asking you to get into the mind of your character from the perceptive of this broken resolution and find out what happened and what will happen now.

First, how did the character get off track?

Second, will the character throw up his or her hands and chalk up the resolution? Or will the character dust himself or herself off and start again?

Let this prompt carry you where it does and enjoy exploring this with your character.

Writing Prompt Wednesday; The New Year’s Resolution


In the spirit of the New Year and new resolutions, I thought it might be an interesting writing prompt to explore a New Year’s Resolution with one of your many characters.

Try taking your character and have him or her sit down to write out his or her New Year’s resolution list. Maybe the character wants to be very detailed in the list explaining how he or she will lose those ten pounds or quit smoking. However your character would act and whatever he or she would say should go on the paper.

Pay attention to the setting of this writing of the list as well. Is your character sitting alone in a dark room? Is your character at a loud, sparkling party and everyone is in a circle saying his or her resolution?

The goal of this is to have your character set in a scene writing out his or her resolution.