Michelle Wittle On Another Submission

Michelle Wittle On

So, I sent one piece to that magazine I found on line the other day. You know, the one I was discussing in my last blog? At this point, I feel numb about it. That probably isn’t the feeling I should have, but what can you do?


I picked the short story I read at the open mic night. I took some pieces out of it and added a few words here and there for clarity’s sake. I was afraid if I kept looking at it, it was going to go one of two ways. The piece was going to go so far off the path that it was intended to be on or it was going to go in the trash. So, I just took a deep breath and sent it along with a small, quick, and to the point cover letter.


I would love to tell you all that I am sure it is going to get published, but I don’t have that feeling. Again, I am just numb about the story and I think it is because I worked it over so much.


Here it is that question again, how do we know when a story is done? I still think the story is done when you have nothing left to say and your story is the story you wanted to tell. But I would like to add that maybe you know when it is done when you can’t feel anything for the story anymore. Maybe having that numb feeling is what helps us all send our work out and get rejected. If we become desensitized to the story, it won’t hurt so much when we get that form letter back.


It’s not a bad story. I do like it and I love the ending. In a way, I wish my story would come true. It would be so comforting if I could look again into those brown eyes with the gold flecks and just hear you silently say that everything is okay.


I bet the ending will be the part of the story that they hate. I should have taken it out. Oh well, there is always another magazine and there will always be other rejections. As writers, we just have to have just enough strength to not let one rejection destroy us and we have to stay just a bit optimistic.