Wacko Wednesdays: Multiple Intelligences

Writing Tips

Twitter is a site where a person can post a message to a bunch of friends at once. Sometimes Twitter works like a bulletin board (where you pin up your notice and get no replies) and sometimes it works like an on-line chatroom with a ton of conversations going on at once.

Last night I replied to a post from my friend Laura. She questioned how it would be possible for someone named Angelina to have a high IQ score (around 136 I think). Assuming Laura was referring to Angelina Jolie, I responded that a 136 score, albeit high, isn’t uncommon and Ms. Jolie seems capable of such a score.

A firestorm erupted, and this time it wasn’t about Angelina Jolie’s shenanigans. All sorts of Tweets (i.e. posts) popped up containing anger over the concept of intelligence testing and the permanent public (and more important personal) branding that can ensue afterwards. My contacts on Twitter interpreted my Tweets as support for and true belief in the IQ test. At 12:30 a.m., after much varied discussion and much qualification from me, the storm died down enough for me to go to bed. Embers were still smoldering this morning, as I had a quite few messages waiting for me in my inbox.