Push to Publish Sessions Cover Wide Range of Publishing Trends

Push to Publish

The Push to Publish one-day writing conference is more than just an opportunity to speed date with an agent or editor (though that’s great, too: check out the list of participants here). It’s a chance to learn about some of the hottest trends in publishing as well as tips for fine-tuning your craft. Take a look at what’s coming up on October 8:

Today’s Publishing Options: Self-Publishing, Small/Indie Press, or Traditional Publisher?
The traditional large publishers still exist, but there are also a number of fine independent presses putting out work from new, exciting voices, and the advent of self-publishing has brought a DIY ethos to scene. The authors on this panel will share their experiences to highlight the pros and cons of each of these avenues of publication. Panelists include: Janet Spencer King (Independent Book Editor/, Self-Publishing Project Director), Karen Pokras (self-published author), Julia MacDonnell, and Kelly Simmons (authors); Moderator: Curtis Smith (small press author).

Tips for Promoting Your Book Before AND After Publication
Join this hands-on workshop to learn about book marketing and promotion initiatives to help create awareness about your book and author brand, before and after launch. Sandra Poirier Smith and Dan Smith from Smith Publicity, a premier book marketing agency that since 1997 has helped thousands of authors and publishers promote their titles, will: lead attendees through an overview of book publicity trends today; share action items authors can implement now to promote upcoming or already published books, and; select several attendees to share their titles, topics, and platform, brainstorm book marketing ideas, and open the floor to questions for group discussion.

Finding the Right Home for Your Work: Tips from the Editors  for Making the Most of Your Submissions
Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, these literary magazines editors have tips to help you find a home for your work. Panelists: Nathan Long (PS editor, fiction/flash), Donna Talarico (nonfiction; Hippocampus Magazine), Mitch Sommers (PS fiction editor), Courtney Bambrick (PS poetry editor). Moderator: Marshall Warfield

Trends in Children/YA Literature
Does your YA novel have to take place in a Dystopian future? Are vampires required to sell your manuscript? Hear from two authors and a children’s literature agent about what’s hot now–and what’s not. Panelists: Ed Briant (children’s book illustrator), Catherine Stine (YA author), Adriana Dominguez (children’s author literary agent)

Writing Diverse Characters
There’s been a lot of heated discussion lately about who’s “allowed” to tell stories of marginalized characters. Candlewick, for example, pulled When We Was Fierce just two days before its release date because of outcry from diverse authors — despite its many starred reviews. So … who has the “right” to tell which stories? (Can a straight person write a legitimate LGBT novel? Can a white woman write non-white characters?) Join this discussion with these successful authors. Panelists: Lori Tharps (author, educator), Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts (writer, educator, editor), Erin Kelly (YA author)

Crafting a Novel
How do you get organized to write a novel? Where do these big ideas come from?  What do you do when you’ve hit page 100, or 150, when you’re right in the middle of it and then, whammo, no more ideas, no more momentum, and you start asking yourself: why the hell am I doing this? These authors have been there and pushed through. Find out how. Panelists: Authors Gregory Frost, Jon McGoran, Merry Jones; Moderator: Carla Spataro

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