Julia MacDonnell’s No Time To Be A Good Girl

Push to Publish 2015

I’d always written because I had stories I wanted to tell and I wanted, however stubbornly or egotistically, to tell them my way. – Julia MacDonnell

18 days and counting until this years Push to Publish conference! It isn’t too late to register, just click the link provided, to be able to participate in a great experience where you can gain valuable information for a career in the literary world!

Among the conference attendees is published author Julia MacDonnell who will be a nonfiction Speed Date author as well as a panelist for Marketing for Published Authors Panel. MacDonnell’s latest book, Mimi Mallory, At Last! has  been released in paperback format March of this year. For more information about Julia and her books, click here.

Also, check out this fun and interesting article Julie has written about her journey as a writer to get her works published. The article can be found on The Artist Unleashed, a blog hosted by Jessica Bell. Check it out now – No Time To Be A Good Girl.

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