5 Reasons Why You Should Party Like a Poet


ImagePhiladelphia Stories is not just hosting a benefit to support the free magazine by local writers on April 19, 5-8, at the Center for Architecture. We are throwing a PARTY. Here are five reasons why you do not want to miss the fun.    

  1. INDULGENCE: Enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, local craft beer from Dock Street Brewing Company, and the thrill of a live auction. Meet new friends who share your passion for writing, art, and local culture.
  2. GLAM: BRAT Productions will perform Eternal Glamnation, which blends live music and theatrical spectacle in a night of big vocals, secret selves, and glitter.   
  3. POETRY: Yes, poetry rocks, too. Be surprised by the diverse rhythmic stylings of poetry from the Sandy Crimmins Poetry Contest winners and Philadelphia’s first Youth Poet Laureates.
  4. SPAGHETTI WESTERN: BRAT Productions will also perform a sneak peek at their newest production, The Last Plot in Revenge, described as a western melodrama told in spaghetti and song, influenced by the works of Tom Waits and Bertolt Brecht.
  5. FAB PRIZES: The live auction closes and the winners are revealed. Will you be that lucky person to win the basket overflowing with tickets? There is only one way to find out.

Join us on April 19 from 5-8 and learn just what it means to Party Like a Poet!


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