Writing Prompt Wednesday- Talking About Tone


Today’s writing prompt involves some technology. You might want to grab some headphones and Google your favorite free internet radio.


In order to play around with tone, I want you to Google music you are not familiar with. You want the clip of music to be fairly long. Look for music that runs about 10 minutes and has no words (so a strict instrumental piece).

Your job is to listen to the music for the first three minutes. Don’t write; don’t think. Listen.

After the three minute mark, you want to start a mind dump. Write about how you are feeling, what emotions are invoked by the music, and maybe even think about where someone would listen to this music?

Once the music is done and you have your mind dump, you want to start drafting for about 15 minutes. Take two characters and put them in a situation. Maybe they are running late for a movie or dinner reservations. One of your characters should be in the mood which comes up the most in your mind dump.

Let the scene with the two characters play out.


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