Writing Prompt Wednesday- Episodic Fiction


After reading this article on the National Writing Project website called “Episodic Fiction: Another Way to Tell a Story” (http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/202), I thought it would be interesting to explore this way to write.

The basic idea in episodic fiction is the writer composes brief little snippets of a story with one object appearing in every one of the episodes.

These rules are in the article mentioned above and I feel they help explain this more:

1.The work involves a dynamic character, one who changes in fits and starts throughout the course of the story.

2.Episodes vary in length.

3.Episodes are roughly chronological, but not specifically so.

4.A single unifying device runs throughout the story, appearing in each episode.

5.Episodes are not related directly by cause and effect; instead, all are related to a central theme.

6.If a traditional short story is a movie, moving in a linear fashion from beginning to end, an episodic story is more like a slide show or a music video.

7.And finally, to borrow a rule from George Orwell, “Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.”


Today’s prompt asks you to take a single object and weave it into different moments in time. Maybe you want to take a pair of scissors (They are sitting next to me. Which makes you wonder why I have scissors next to me, but that’s another story). In one scene, the scissors are being used to cut thread so the character in the story can start making a baby blanket. In the next scene, the scissors are being packed in a box by the character because he or she is moving. Basically the object is the catalyst for the story and the character grows as the object continues remains the same.


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