Writing Prompt Wednesday- Young Adult


For some of us, our teen years are way back in our review mirror. It is hard for us to access what it is like to be a teen today. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to craft a young adult novel which will appeal to the modern young adult mind.

One of the biggest challenges teens face is this search for their identity. There is so much more out there to model and morph a teen’s identity and mostly the stuff out there is more harmful. I think about social media and how it impacts our teens. Not only are teens getting bullied at school, now they come home, log onto a social media site, and the bullying continues and escalates.

Today’s writing prompt is helping you get inside the mind of a modern teen.

Do, what I like to call, a mind dump (write everything that comes into your mind) about a single episode you remember from growing up as a teen.

Now, take that event and insert some type of social media site. What happens when your character logs onto Facebook after the event? What would your character’s status updates look like in regards to the single event you remember? What are the comments? Hell, build your character a Facebook (not a real one, but one you draft on paper- we don’t need any more fake profiles out there).

For example: Maybe your character missed the winning goal in soccer. Your character already feels like poop on a stick and his teammates are already dumping on him. Then your character logs onto Facebook and sees someone’s put the missed goal on YouTube and has it linked onto his page. The comments underneath the post are, “epic fail” and, “way to blow the game, asswipe” and the comments continue.  What does your character do now?

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