Writing Prompt Wednesday- Poetry


A friend of mine once said every person resembles an animal. Ever since she said those words, I started seeing animals in people.

Today’s writing prompt is inspired by a chapter in Ted Hughes’ book, Poetry in the Making called “Writing About People.” Hughes discusses how people are generally nosy by nature and when writers first describe someone, they tend to describe people in generic specifics (i.e. she had blues eyes and wore brown on Mondays).

In my opinion, poetry is the genre in which a writer can really play with words and images.

For the exercise, take a person in your life (could even be a famous person you admire) and write down all their physical details. What color are their eyes? What kind of mouth do they have? What’s their body type?

Now, just like in last week’s prompt, I want you to cross out the things everyone has in common (i.e. the eye color). Take only those details of the person which are unique to him or her. Start looking for an animal who shares those same kinds of details.

Lastly, start crafting a poem in which you compare the person to the animal.


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