Michelle Wittle On Writing Goals


It’s a new year and that means everyone is thinking about how this year will be different from last year.

As I’m wriitng this blog, I’m eating a chocolate covered pretzel (even though watching my weight is one of my New Year’s Resolutions. The good news is I only ate one. I could have devoured the whole bag. I didn’t. Progress).

I also want to set better writing goals for myself. This generic, let’s get published this year, isn’t going to cut it. The goal is too vague and way too big. What do I define as published? Does self-publishing count? How about blogs? If I put something on facebook, does that count? See, too many questions.

This year needs to be about progress. No looking back. No comparing myself to others. This year, it’s about me my writing only.

I’ve decided to make monthy goals for myself. It will center around the things I can control, like the product, and less about the ultimate goal of getting something in print. For the month of January, my goal is to get another one act play written and work on my next full-length play. As opportunities for submissions come up, I’ll take them. However, this generic rejection after rejection is counterproductive.

I’m a writer. Write, I shall.

Anyone else have any writing goals for this month?


One thought on “Michelle Wittle On Writing Goals

  1. My goal is to be disciplined. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I am a terrible time waster, and I have no good excuses. I have a great work schedule (presently) that allows time to write, and even though not writing can drive me crazy, I oftentimes misuse my time. Therefore, in 2012, my goal is to write every day. Whether it is for half an hour or a handful of hours, I want to dedicate real time to my stories and poems.

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