Writing Prompt Wednesday


With the ending of NaNoWriMo, today’s prompt will deal with last sentences.

In a first draft, it seems coming up with the last sentence is the most difficult. It’s almost as if the writer is not really ready to end the novel, but the writer knows he or she has to end it in order to be able to look at the whole body of the work and start revising. Also, a last sentence is the lasting impression a writer will have on his or her reader so a lot more thought should go into it.

Below are a few last phrases that may be able to help generate that lasting last sentence. Try them out. Maybe a new short story can come from them. Or you may find your character is not done telling his or her story. Whatever these last phrases inspire, it’s all for the good because no matter what, you’re still writing.

1. that was the last time he saw her.
2. it all came down to the way she drank her tea.
3. no one remembers seeing him again, but we all recalled ever detail of that night.
4. it was the end for him, but I was only starting my new chapter.
5. as he wrote the last check, he giggled with the idea of finally being free of her.

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