Michelle Wittle on Research


As I start crafting my newest full-length play, I realize how important doing research for writing is to creative and crafting process.

Before when I would write, I would start drafting and the word vomit would ensue. I still think for some areas of writing this is important. Having the idea and watching it form on the paper is a great way to start working on a short story or a novel. Also, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

However, with plays and even with poetry, I think it is important to do some research before words hit the paper.

I’m learning so much more from this research first process. Things are falling more into place because I can see how to manipulate things and situations more. Finding research first gives me a larger base for adding scenes and details. I’m more excited to write the new play, too.

I started with a Major Dramatic Question (theme). Then I looked to other plays that discussed this same theme. I looked into Greek Mythology and folktales that discuss this same theme and that is where I found the most inspiration.

So, if you never tried researching before you write, try it and let me know what happens. Hopefully you’ll have the same success or something even better.


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