Michelle Wittle On the Eve of NaNoWriMo


As we all begin to make our last preparations for NaNoWriMo, I wanted to offer some advice I learned about what to do when writing a novel.
1. Just write. Do not stop and edit because that will stop your creative flow. After everything is said and done, then you can edit.
2. Before you start writing, really think about your point of view. If you do not establish this before you start writing, your point of view will have a tendency to shift as you get further into the book.
3. Have a small outline. Establish your main character, the major conflict, and the resolution. Your first twenty pages should be the set up to all these things. Don’t worry about giving your story away becaue the reason the reader will continue reading your book is to find out how this all plays out. Readers do not like surprise ending and they want you to be honest with them.
4. Think about the tense of the story. Is this happening now in the present or is your main character looking back. This is another craft point that, if not thought about in the beginning of the writing process, has a tendency to shift.
5. Try to write at the same time every day. This may not be practical, but do your best to make it that way. It will help keep you focused on writing and it will also help you feel less overwhelmed. If you know from the hours of eight to eleven you will be writing then do it. Turn off the cell phone, don’t go online. Just write.
I will also be participating in NaNoWriMo, so we can all share in this adventure together.


2 thoughts on “Michelle Wittle On the Eve of NaNoWriMo

  1. I am seriously nervous about NaNoWriMo. I’m worried that I won’t be able to stick with it, but I signed up just to see how I would fare. This year is an experiment for me, but I hope I’m able to get through a good chunk of my story. I need to get this thing written or else I will go crazy.

    1. You will get this written. There is nothing to worry about because this is really all about you. Don’t punish yourself if you don’t get your word count one day. The mere fact that you are writing is fantastic. Also, be social about your writing. Try going out to the writing meet-ups. Tell everyone you know you are doing this. I’ll keep you in line, too. 🙂
      Just write every day. If you can’t, write more the next day.

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