Writing Prompt Wednesday


Sometimes a place has its own story. For that reason, today’s writing prompt deals with setting.

Think about a place you are very familiar with. It could be a childhood home, your office, or maybe a place you visit often.

Write down, whether it is in a list of prose, all your ideas about this place.

Then, write down any special memories you have about being in the place.

Next, take a character (one you’ve been working on or a new one) and introduce them to this place. Let the character see this place as if it is brand new to the character. Take your favorite memory of the place and see if your character is willing to become part of your memory.

Here’s my example:

Favorite place:

Childhood home.

Fire place, gem-like floor by the green front door, Grease lighting, black iron railing, brown carpet, closet with white doors off to the left.


Being sick and putting my face on the cold floor by the front door.


Erin knocked on the door. The rumor was this house ran out of candy and they were giving out cash instead. Erin, like most kids who’s allowance was twenty-five cents a week, enjoyed the idea of getting some extra cash to fill her Kermit the Frog plastic piggy band. So far she saved only four dollars.

When the green door opened, Erin screamed the phrase, “Trick or Treat.” The mother, tall and dressed in a orange sweater with bats flapping their wings across her chest asked what kind of hobo was she. Erin didn’t know how to answer that question and instead opened her blue and white striped pillow case.

The mother smiled and tried to block Erin from seeing inside the house. It was too late. Erin’s eyes found the other little girl with an E.T. mask around her neck lying on the floor tracing the gem-like design with her fingers.

“What’s wrong with her?”

The mother turned her attention to the floor and smiled. “Oh, she’s got a cold.”

“Oh.” Erin kept her pillow case opened and the mother dropped in a short stack of foiled material inside the pillow case. By the size of the roll of coins, they were either dimes or pennies. Erin silently prayed they were dimes.


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