Writing Prompt Wednesday


Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors and the spice sents. I’m a big fan of the spiced teas and the joys of cuddling with a new book and a hot cup of something that isn’t coffee. Pumpkin anything is a big score for me.

So, today’s writing prompt is about the change of seasons.

On one sheet of paper, or whatever you write on (post-it note, computer, Starbucks napkins) write down all the things that remind you of the season of fall. Take about ten minutes and write whatever comes to your mind, even if it is something that doesn’t make too much sense.

Now, start googling these things. If the season of fall reminds you of leaves, find out really why those leaves change color. What are the sceintific terms for what happens inside the trees and the leaves? Write the down. Then maybe research how this information came about. Who first noticed trees do what they do? How did people know what leave gets what color? What do the different colors mean?

By doing all of this, you are looking at something that you know about the season and finding out things you didn’t know, or knew at one time and forgot, or never even thought about. Your assignment is to write about that unknown.

Whether you express it in a poem, fiction, or even a creative nonfiction piece, the purpose again is to explore the unfamiliar in the familiar.



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

    1. That’s great. Thanks so much for the support and please let me know how the weekend goes. All the best, Michelle

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