Writing Prompt Wednesday



This is an alteration from a writing prompt in the
book The Writer’s Toolbox by Jamie
Cat Callan.

From the book, it asks the writer to pull a first
sentence prompt from a pile of first sentence popsicle sticks.

While I don’t have a popsicle stick to offer you, I
will give you five first sentence prompts. Maybe you want to print this blog
and cut the sentences onto your own set of popsicle sticks. Or maybe pick the
sentence that gives you the most energy.

  1. She
    comes into the kitchen and he hands her the blue coffee mug filled with tea.
  2. Halfway
    to the office, he realized it was Sunday.
  3. There
    was a five dollar bill and change on his nightstand, but his wallet was
  4. When
    she walked into the room, she was hurt no one turned to see her in her new red
  5. The
    car is packed, the gas gage says full, they’re planned every last detail of
    this trip, but both passengers are dreading this four hour car ride.



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