Writing Prompt Wednesday


Writing Prompt Wednesday


This is what I call the baking poem. You will take these words below and bake them into a poem. Try to keep the poem short and tight. Keep it under ten lines and use all the ingredients once. You can not alter the words.


Post your progress with us.










Impossible? Nothing is impossible.



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. Scrying

    Muscles are warm, bones are cold.
    Ghosts stir in the attic — a slotted spoon
    through cloudy broth. I garnish the weeks
    with sprigs of parsley, lemon wedges.

    In the kitchen, a rabbit
    is undone: radiant, skin-
    less, an enigma of guts
    to torture tomorrow.

  2. Fertile Mess

    Chipmunks scamper within mulch beds.
    Mice scurry through attics. It’s no enigma –
    warm blooded creatures understand
    opportunity. You did too, before radiant
    childhood cheeks lost their chub. Shrunk.
    Left your nut-pouches flat. An attic appears
    like tossed salad to human adults –
    abandoned ornaments, decaying boxes.
    A three-legged wooden horse, etcetera.
    Fiberglass insulation enfolds bric-a-brac
    like garnish – mats of shaved Parmisiano.
    That kind of torture chamber becoming
    your penance on spring-cleaning Saturday
    is heavenly paradise children invade.
    Open-mouthed. No cheese-loaded traps
    required. Even a silly rabbit relishes
    the nutritional value of discarded lettuce.

    C. Chiosi

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