Knowing When to Walk Away From a Story


MM Wittle

I had to stop reworking my short stories I’ve been working on at the start of this month. First, the one short story went to a workshop and I can’t rework the piece until I get the feedback on the recent draft.


Also, I think the draft is nearly done. All I have to do is find two or three places to add some details and then the story will be making the rounds.


How do I know it’s done?


Simply put, the story has no more to say.


The theme is set. The characters are in place. The goal of my story is met.


Some minor tweaks in the wording of things can be made in the story. Then it will be time to look at the grammar of the story.


After that…that’s all she wrote.


Don’t worry; I still have some plays in need of revision and some poems as well.





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