Fully Developed Characters


MM Wittle

Day Five of National Revision Month

I’m again looking at my novel/short story. After the two revisions from this week, I now know I have to add more backstory to the piece to enhance the theme of the story.

But how do I do that?

One way I think I can do that is through looking at my character’s backstory.

Which means I have to create the backstory to begin with.

This isn’t a big deal because I’ve walked with this character in my mind for the last year. However, it’s still odd for me to think about what questions I need to ask my character.

This is what I’ve come up with:

I need to find out what happened in the family.

How does what his brother does change him?

What did the other family members do?

How did they react?

How did he react?

When did he realize he needed to change?

What pulled him out?

These questions seem vague, I know. However, they all relate to my story. What I can offer you is a way to create your own character backstory.

Ask these questions to get you started:

1. Charater’s full name

2. Realtionship with mother?

3. Relationship with father?

4. Realtionship with siblings?

5. Education?

6. Social class

7. Hometown

8. What kind of hometown?

9. Main personality traits of character

10. View of character’s self and how the character sees him or her self in the world.


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