Death of the paid writer? (via Darksculptures – T.A. Olivia)


Death of the paid writer? This is why I’m renewing my vow to read the printed word. I looked at Smashwords and a few other e-book sites AGAIN last night. There is a bunch of free writing out there. It was like surfing the blogosphere – except better organized by genre. I liked it. That scared me. Will the days of getting paid to write a novel vanish? As we scramble to be recognized are we (writers) actually damaging the market?  I thought about Nathan Bransford’s comment … Read More

via Darksculptures – T.A. Olivia


One thought on “Death of the paid writer? (via Darksculptures – T.A. Olivia)

  1. I think writers need to be creative in the ways they market their work. I don’t see the book as a medium going away, though I would be surprised if hard copy sales have held steady the last 20 years. The reader and the writer make an unspoken contract when a book is picked up, and that contract excuses the reader from being plugged in to the world for an hour or two. An ebook keeps one plugged in, as it were, so I believe it will never completely replace hard books.

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