Tips for getting your kids interested in reading


A child’s reading experience  is directly related to his or her attitude towards reading. Here are a few suggestions for making your child’s reading experiences positive ones:

1. Choose books that are on topics the children are interested in. You should start out with a wide variety of subject matter and genres. This collection can be narrowed down as your children develop their interests.

2. It is always good to start with books that are predictable and have vivid pictures. These can help children build confidence. If reading is too difficult you may lose the opportunity to develop an avid reader.

3. Giving positive feedback from parents, teachers, and peers is one of the best ways to build a child’s confidence. This confidence will help children expand their reading horizons and become avid readers.

As children grow older, the amount of time they read usually decreases. This is due to more responsibilities, more social events, and changes in interest. By helping your children build good reading habits, they can learn to make time in their days for reading as they grow older and busier.

For suggestions on finding the right  book for your children, visit, which includes a searchable recommended reading list.


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