The (not so) glamourous life of publishing


Cross posted on author Christine Weiser’s blog

Tis the season of shameless self-promotion, and I have become the queen. I’ve spent the past three weeks at various readings and signings, and I have to admit, they can be a little strange. Some highlights:

1. The yoga studio in Old City where I shared a space the size of my bathroom with another author, an artist with three enormous prints, and a very friendly dog. I worked the dog to the best of my ability, not exactly denying I was the owner. When it came time to read, the studio pulled in a nice crowd who listened patiently as I read with Marc Schuster, crammed into the wee space, sipping boxed Sangria and inhaling the sweet spice of incense. I sold 1 book.

2. The small cafe in Bridgeton, NJ (turns out Bridgeton is quite far from Philadelphia), where I read with three other authors, most from Philadelphia Stories’ latest anthology. It was freezing and started to snow and the crowd was, well, not exactly a crowd. But, they were very nice. I sold 2 books. I then drove home with one headlight in the snow on a road with no lights.

3. The holiday author event in Emmaus, PA (which is a surprisingly quaint little shopping area). It was too cold to hear young carolers, or light the luminaries, and much too cold to walk from store to store buying books. An old band friend came out with a bouquet of flowers and, although not many people stopped by, we ended up hanging with the very cool owners, Rocky and Renee of At Haven Home Furnishings, and chatting about some very personal things. I sold 2 books.

So, I guess I’m not quitting my day job any time soon. And, yes, the empty rooms can be discouraging. But I have met some interesting people, some strange people, some friendly and some indifferent people. Will they end up in the next book? Maybe. Consider that incentive for the next time you consider attending an author event.

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