Michelle Wittle On a Writer’s Room

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

In the novel, The World According to Garp, Garp talks about the library across from his apartment in Vienna having a writer’s room. It wasn’t much of a room really. It had a dark wooden desk and a chair. The room had a lamp and a door to shut the writer in and keep the writer’s mind focused. The room was used by a then popular poet who Garp’s reads and defines the poet as utter rubbish.

What appeals to me is the idea of a library having a writer’s room.

How do you get a writer’s room? Do you just walk into a library and explain you need one? Is it the like room of requirement in the Harry Potter books? For me, I would need to have a room with no internet access, seconds away from a bathroom, and sound proof. Is that asking too much?

I had a friend who had access to a writer’s room. I wasn’t so taken with the idea then, so I regrettably didn’t ask more about the room. I just heard my friend say she used one in a library and had a key to it and everything.

Writer’s rooms have keys?

I need to get a writer’s room.

I need another key for my key ring!

Let’s face it, writing isn’t a hobby. Writing is a job… that I openly admit to despising more than I hate liars. So, doesn’t it make sense I should have an “office” somewhere?

I have a lot of trouble writing at home. I have the wireless internet. My cat likes to sit on my lap and sometimes across my neck which makes writing very difficult. There is always a chore I think I should be doing instead of writing. There are pop tarts that need to be eaten and chips who want to be dipped in sour cream.

I can’t work from home.

I could go to a bookstore, but that starts to wear on me after a while. Some little bratty kid will come in screaming he wants a cookie while his clueless mom asks about the freshness of the coffee. Or some dude picks up his cell phone and has a twenty minute discussion on the pros and cons of seeing a movie.

I need a little section all to myself where I could just tap away on my computer and create.

I need there to be no more excuses.

I need a writer’s room.


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