Michelle Wittle On Feeling the Freedom

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

It’s in my head. It’s a new story. I don’t know where it is going on how long it will be, but the characters are already restless. They are yelling at me to get on with it. They want to be on the computer screen.


My Mac is happy again. We had a small fight in the beginning. It yelled at me for staying away so long. There were some unkind words said on both parties. But now we are fine. We are rolling again.


I feel that story in my mind. It wants out.


But then my other stories are sad. When do they get their moment in the sun? When will it be there turn to get rejected by the masses? How can I write something new when I have so many other stories half way done? Don’t even get me started on my novel! Meredith keeps giving me the finger (she isn’t that nice of a kid…I think BDoub is rubbing off on her).


However, my stories bring up a good point. Why can I start something new when I have so many stories undone?


I just don’t have a choice. I have to get this new story out because if I don’t it will consume me. I won’t be able to do anything else until I get it started.


Yes I want to finish my novel. Sure, I want that story about Mike to come out. That Gettysburg story is cool.


I will get to them. I know I will do it.


I just have to get this one new story out.


Recently my past has been popping up. Pictures of me when I was real small are finding their way on the Internet. My memories are flooding back to me. I have to find the reason why. I have to write this new story.


I have no choice.


Oh, the life of a writer.



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