Michelle Wittle On Kicking Her Writing Back Into Gear

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

I am a total writer slacker. My Mac has laid dormant for about two months. I am sure I have about twenty new updates for it. Yet, I still don’t touch it.

I went back into teaching and forgot about writing.

Well, that was until a few days ago. On my blog (www.mwittle.wordpress.com) I talked about a picture someone posted of me when I was in the fourth grade. The picture freaked me out because it resurfaced a lot of things I buried deep in my brain. But my mommy always said that things happen for a reason.

This lady on Christmas told me that I had to yell at my dead father. I know that things aren’t always as simple as they sound. Sure, I could go to his grave and scream my head off (and then be carried away in a lovely white coat). Maybe I could will it to happen in a dream.

Or maybe I need to write him a letter. A very long letter that would roughly be the size of a book.

Hence my new book idea is born.

Sure, I wonder if we really need another book about a little girl and a dead dad. But all I can really do is write what I feel and let the book take its shape.

 It won’t be easy because I will be writing about things I haven’t thought about in years. I have no idea how to start it. I can make a million excuses. The bottom line is it is time to write this book. If nothing comes from it at least I will finally have all that is buried inside me out of me and neatly placed on a shelf.

I have no choice.

So on Saturday, I will be completely alone with just my mac and my thoughts.

I’ll be dead by Tuesday.


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