Michelle Wittle On The Three Most Influential Books

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

Every writer is a reader. That’s why I think it is important for every writer to take a good look at his or her bookshelf and figure out why are those books there? For me, I have books that I read and give away and then there are books that I keep around. Mostly a book will stay because I have a strong connection with it. Maybe the writer used cool words or the character and I really meshed.
But for me, there are three books that I think I will always have with me and I wanted to share them with you now.

First, the book, “Catcher in the Rye” has a great meaning to me and my life. The character Holden basically recalls his very own down fall. Everyone around him sees it coming (well, his parents don’t really) but no one can stop it from happening. Holden crashes and burns. But there is hope. He talks to us from a place of healing and not one of destruction. He falls but he gets up and is able to talk to us and tell us what happened. This book is one I reread a lot and think about. That is a mark of a wonderful book.

Second, “The Bell Jar” by my idol Ms. Plath. No one shows us the destruction and deepening pain of a little girl lost then Plath. I turn to this book over and over again because it tells the honest tale of someone in the moment of falling apart. Plath has that simple kick of showing you her pain and demanding you to feel it, too. Again, another mark of a great writer is one where you have no choice but to follow them.

Lastly, “Running with Scissors”. This book showed me that you can tell your tale without being a whiner. Burroughs does not ask us to feel sorry for him, he just asks us to listen to his story. At the end of the book, he looks to NYC and says that he will go there and he will make it. There is no room for failure. I love how Burroughs sets his mind to something and just plows through it and never accepts failure.

Those are my books.

As this is my last blog for the year of 2008, I would just like to thank you all for reading and supporting me. I have made great strides in my career and I owe a lot of it to the support I found in my readers. Thank you so much and I look forward to reporting more to you in 2009,


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