Michelle Wittle On in the Tradition of Halloween

Michelle Wittle On

I thought it would be fun to use today’s blog to work in the spirit of Halloween and perhaps tell some good old-fashioned ghost stories. I did this a few times with my students and it was fun. We would all sit in a circle and share our ghost tales. The one year I made it an actual competition (like they did in The Canterbury Tales) and it was a lot of fun. So, I would like to bring that spirit to you.


Comment with your own ghost story. They could be real or made up; only you will know the truth. But we will all get a good read.


So here is mine:


It happened in the town of Gettysburg, PA during the Civil War. Mary was up all night tending to her eight year old son Joshua who was suffering from a high fever. The doctor was called and he could not find any reason for Joshua to be so ill. Mary was beside herself with worry. Her husband was off fighting in Virginia and her brother had just enlisted in the army two months ago. With no word on her husband and brother, Mary was already sick with worry. Now that Joshua was ill, Mary just could not control her tears and her emotions.


It was late at night and Mary was sitting by Joshua’s bed putting a cold compress on his fevered forehead. He was restlessly sleeping and kept mumbling on about someone standing in the corner. To appease her son, she got up and walked over to where he kept insisting someone was standing. She put her hand out and was met with an icy cold breeze on top of her hand. She quickly pulled herself away from the spot and told her son to go to sleep because he needed his rest. She put a glass of water by his bed and left his room. Mary wanted to grab her Bible and pray for her son’s fever to break.


The fall was making its annual approach in the town and that night a nasty wind was whipping through the trees. Mary kept hearing brittle branches scrap against the window and she couldn’t shake the feeling that her husband was calling her name.


She decided it was time to check on little Joshua. So walked into his room and she saw that he was finally sleeping. She went to pull the covers in around him, but something heavy was holding the covers in place. Joshua looked so peaceful that Mary didn’t want to struggle with the covers anymore. She kissed her son on the cheek and felt another icy breeze brush up against her lips and her son’s cheek. Mary stood straight up, blessed herself, and quickly left her son’s room.


In the morning, Joshua ran into his mother’s room and was shaking her awake. He kept asking his mother where was his dad. Mary was beyond confused and tried to explain to her son that his dad was fighting in the army. He told his mother she was wrong and that his dad was the one who helped him fall asleep by telling him stories from the War.


By that time, someone was knocking on the door. Mary got her dressing gown on and walked to the front door. When she opened the door, her sister in law was leaning up against the doorframe and tears were all over her face. They just received word that about two weeks ago, her husband died in battle.


Now…your turn….   



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