Michelle Wittle On Her Writing Career

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

Okay, I am really sorry. I know I haven’t talked much lately about my own writing. Please, you get no argument from me. I know I said this blog was about my writing and my writing tips. Lately, I have been all about writing and teaching tips and not so much my personal writing. I don’t have an excuse, but I do have an explanation.


Ever since the writing conference, I started revamping my own webblog (www.mwittle.wordpress.com). My theory with having that blog was to just let that be a place for my rejection letters. But then I got jealous. Everyone on the blogging panel had a blog and I didn’t. I mean, I have this one and believe me I love writing about writing. However, they had blogs that they just wrote about what was on their minds. I wanted that, too.


So, I went back into my webblog and started just emptying my thoughts. I am having a lot of fun and it is like training for memoir writing for me. Of course I am sticking to the strict diet of writing everyday and picking something funny to write on. Because I know I want to be the writer that tells funny stories like David Sedaris, this blog is really good practice for me.


But, I will admit, it is taking a chunk of my time. I log into my blog every hour to see if any new people have “come to call.” As of yet, I am still comment free and hating it. From writing this writing blog, I have learned that just because you post something doesn’t mean that fifty million people will show up that day to read it and comment. Sometimes it takes my blogs a few days on the web before people come to read it. Sure, I want to get to the point where it’s posted and everyone rushes to read it. I can wait though. Hell, in the height of the Cabbage Patch Kid Doll craze, I was willing to wait forever for my Polly Ann doll. My mom was the one who couldn’t wait until Christmas to tell me she got it for me. I have mentioned my mom was odd, right?


Again, I am sorry for neglecting you. I promise that I will be more vigilant with my blogs. Keep in mind that I am working on the compare and contrast teaching blog now (okay, not right this very second, but after I proof this blog and post it, I will be writing that one) so, I haven’t forgotten to do what you asked me to do.


If you are seriously going through Michelle Wittle withdraw, then remember you have options. I am on twitter and you can read my other blog. Okay? Good.


2 thoughts on “Michelle Wittle On Her Writing Career

  1. If you have a blog and are not on facebook, I recommend you join it and get your friends to start reading and commenting. Fb has something called an RSS feed that lets your friends know each time you post a blog entry.

    Also, I find commenting on other folks blogs and asking them to post links to yours also helps to build traffic.

    I just revamped my blog and am trying to get more readers as well. I’ll be sure to pass along any new tips I find!

  2. I am actually on facebook, but my friends hate me and want me dead, so they never read my stuff. I am serious…they never read my stuff. I wrote a blog about it once…kinda like why should they read what the world gets to read, they want me all to themselves.
    I also have a twitter account, but again…my friends want me dead and hate me so they don’t follow me.
    However, I agree that reading other blogs helps build traffic to your own. Also when other bloggers put your page on theirs helps. Where is your page?
    Thank you for your support and comments,
    Michelle Wittle

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