Michelle Wittle On The Proof is in the Pudding

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

I talk a lot about making connections and never wasting an opportunity. With this blog, I would like to show you that theory in practice and how it paid off.


It all began because I like to google myself. I get bored and I think, maybe I should just make sure my name isn’t someplace it doesn’t belong. So, I just wrote my name in the little google box and waited all of fourteen milliseconds and BAM! My name pops up. Most of the time it was for this blog here. Sometimes it was my book reviews. But then, there was this other blog I was mentioned on. I had to check it out.


When I got there, I started poking around the blog and I saw that there was this other online zine mentioned. Curious by nature, I clicked on the site and I was pretty impressed with what I was seeing and reading. I figured I should just write to these people and see if I could help out in some way. I mean, I have some experience and maybe they could use me.


I introduced myself in an email and sent the links of my work. The next day I was greeted by an email back saying how much they would like to work with me. After doing the high five dance and shaking what my momma gave me at Yoda, I sat down and just smiled. I feel so fortunate that I am going after the thing that I want and it is paying off.


So, my challenge again to you is, do you really want to be a writer? If so, you need to actively go after it. Look online for zines and local publications. See what they require and send your stuff to them. If the magazine or publication is local enough, ask them how you can help them. People do not turn down good free help. You might not be writing right away for them or maybe you won’t ever write for that magazine you are helping. However, it will give you a way into the writing community and it will help you see if this is a place you really want to be in.


We all know that the Push to Publish is just days away. For those of you who will be there, I look forward to meeting you. Also, stop by the Rose & Thorn table during the speed dating round…I will be eagerly waiting to read your material.


Oh and here is there website if you want to take a look: www.theroseandthornezine.com/



5 thoughts on “Michelle Wittle On The Proof is in the Pudding

  1. addendum to previous unpublished comment…

    Also, Congrats! It’s *always* good & inspiring to see a writer pick up some work using a DYI application process.


  2. Allan,
    I guess no matter how much I edit my work, I can still make mistakes. I am sorry for that.

    Also, thanks for the congratulations. Hope to see you stopping by again:).

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