Michelle Wittle On Google Alerts

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

Okay, I will admit this to you all. When I get bored and don’t want to write or maybe the A.D.D. kicks in, I do something a bit strange. We all do it at one point or another in our lives. Some do it everyday while others maybe once a week. I guess it all depends on your own internal clock. Whether you are all alone by your computer or you are at work, you know you have done it. I am tried of being ashamed of it. In a way, I think it is important and helpful to do it. Also, why shouldn’t we do it? It belongs to us and we are basically the masters of its destiny. So, shouldn’t we be in control of it?


So, last night, around 9pm, I was feeling antsy. I couldn’t read and didn’t want to write. I checked my email twenty times. I was on iChat looking for people to distract me. Then, there I was on a homepage. In the right hand corner it sat taunting me. It said simply “google search”. With a huge sigh, I took the plunge. I placed the mouse over the area and clicked. I typed my name and pressed enter.


In a matter of seconds about fourteen hundred hits came up. Some of them were for my blog while others had nothing at all to do with me. I kept looking and I found that sometimes my name is mentioned in other blogs. People refer to me on their blog and I got to tell you, that is an awesome feeling. Sometimes I think I am just writing for myself and no one is reading these, but now I have proof that people are not only reading me but also enjoying what I have to say.


In my newfound amazement, I emailed Christine and I told her about what I had found online. She emailed me back with this great idea. Apparently you can go to google and get a google alert for whatever you want. Say you want to see when your name gets mentioned on the web (as I think all writers should do, by the way). All you need to do is fill out this cute little google alert form and then delivered right to your email on a daily or weekly basis will be the site in which you came up and where your name is on the page (just like a google search).


Where was this stuff when I was in college? Can you imagine how awesome that would have been if I could have had weekly updates on a topic I needed to write a paper on? Or even now, this google alert is such a great tool. You can get alerts about anything you want to know.


As a writer, I think this is a very important tool. I might not have an A.D.D. moment and have the time to google where my name is popping up. But now I don’t have to because my new best friend google will do it for me. I can’t stress how cool this is and I think if you haven’t played around with this feature, now is the time for you to play with it.




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