Michelle Wittle On Picking the Right Open Mic Piece

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

Okay people, this is not a drill. I have seventeen days to come up with the best piece of writing I have ever done.


Wait…you sound confused. Let me explain what I am talking about. As you know the Push to Publish event is coming. I think I mentioned that I am sitting on the blogging panel and I might have mentioned how I am opening the open mic portion of the day. I am completely honored to do both of these things, but I will tell you the truth, I am more afraid of the open mic portion. Talking in front of people isn’t an issue for me. It’s the fear of picking the wrong piece to represent my writing and myself. Let’s think about this, editors and publishers will be there and I have to pick something really good.


So I ask you all, what do I pick to read? I was going to read my first person essay I wrote (that got rejected, but I am not upset) but after my blog on beating a dead horse, I know that is the wrong piece. I don’t want to be defined by my struggles. I am glad that I am able to finally talk about what happened and maybe that should be good enough.


With that piece ruled out, I now have my shoulders shrugged and my hands are empty. Do I read one of my blogs? How about my recent Barbie essay I sent out? Do I read a piece of my Meredith novel? Or do I read the campfire story that went through twenty million revisions? Then there is my new non-fiction novel about my Philadelphia memories. Should I read the opening piece to that?


I am so confused. I don’t know what to read. All I know is it has to be great.


So, uh…any suggestions? What would you like me to read?  I swear your input would be appreciated. 


2 thoughts on “Michelle Wittle On Picking the Right Open Mic Piece

  1. Are you into Poetry? If you need a classical person/topic. may I suggest Robert Frost? I recently became reacquainted with Frost while commuting into the city from S Jersey. His poetry can be easliy related to today. Actually, I believe that his writting is timeless and has the ability to create pictures that will remian in your mind forver- a quaity I wish I could copy.

    Who can not visualize a horse and sled sitting in the middle of a snowy night and the man not sure which path to take? I feel I am at the path so often any more that I would have worn major ruts in the road and the snow would be packed down very hard and deep.

    I am sorry – I do not know you, but I am considering giong to the PUSH TO PUBLISH, if I can justify spending the money – the job I had in Center City that only lasted 10 weeks. I am over 50 qnd was told I was working too slow and was not a good fit. So now I am again unemployed. I just graduated from college and received an AAS in Busuness Mtg – with a 3.4 GPA. But no one will hire me because of my age. The real problem was I made a few mistakes lerning a 15 year old Accounting system that was so not user friendly that if you clicked on an item twicw, you were kicked out of the system and I had to ask to be reset and allowed back into the server.

    My Problem, sorry I ranted.

    Any way, I felt like writting to someone who is a fellow literary lover. There are not a lot of us anymore.


  2. Hey Anne, it’s Michelle.
    I think you should really go to Push to Publish if you are really interested in writing and learning about the community. There will be a lot of writers, editors, agents, and I think it would be a shame to miss out on it. Also, the price may seem steep, but you really get a lot for the money.
    I understand about the job thing and I hope things get better for you soon. We have all been there and we all know how horrible it can be to deal with.
    Don’t worry about ranting…that’s what blog are for:).

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