Michelle Wittle On Memoir Writing Day 3

Michelle Wittle On

Ugh! I didn’t write yesterday. I was planning to…I really was going to write. But then I got another invitation to a bridal shower for the same person. I was confused because what is the proper rule here. I already sent the one gift out because I couldn’t go to the first bridal shower. But, I can go to this one. So, what? I just show up empty handed? I couldn’t do that. So off I was to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy another gift. I get there and they print out the “this stuff wasn’t purchased yet” list and it is only three pages. Of course all the really expensive stuff is left on the list and I am already annoyed, so this just makes me even more upset. So, I am forced to put down another two hundred dollars.


I want you to realize that I am not a cheap person (even though that last sentence totally sounds like I am). If I were working and bring in money, I would have purchased the whole registry. This is for the bride of my male cousin. Although I haven’t been around much of his life, I really do love him a lot. I would seriously do all that I could for him. I guess it all boils down to me just being upset that I am not working and I am annoyed that I can’t do all the things I want to because I can’t find a job.


After coming home with another negative two hundred dollars, I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything. I tried to read a book. I tried to will the Phillies to win. I tried to take a nap. Nothing worked for me. Even Yoda closed his Dagobah world because he knew there was no talking to me.


Here it is day three of my memoir writing and all I have to show for it are two stories that are only three pages long each. I have already started fixing them in my head. My goal was to write two stories a day and get the basic outline done. Then, I would start editing two stories a day until the book is where I want it to be before I start sending it out to an agent. I am already behind and that upsets me, too.


I am trying to motivate myself. I think the first thing I will do is rework my Barbie story. Maybe get that to the point where it can see the light of rejection. Then, I just have to write four stories today. It shouldn’t be all that difficult because I am just recalling the past. But, my luck, I’ll check my email five hundred times, go on facebook another five hundred times, and drink seventeen cans of coke zero. Yoda is looking at me and he is smiling. I wonder if he thinks this is amusing or if he is just trying to pass gas.


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