Michelle Wittle On Seasonal Writing

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Is it possible for writing and writers to be effected by the weather? Much like seasonal allergies and depression, could writers also feel the ebb and flow of the changing of seasons?

For me, I always find that the crispness of fall sharpens my senses and my mind starts focusing on telling stories. Maybe it is because it is getting colder and all the beautiful colors are in abundance. Plus, I love the cool air of the fall and just the smells. How can anyone deny those spicy scents of cinnamon and pumpkin aren’t gifts from the gods?


Okay, I am a fallist. I simply love the fall and all that comes with it. Sweaters, cool air, pumpkin pie (although I have never eaten said pie, I love the smell of it), returning to school…everything that is fall is on my wish list. Perhaps that is why it is always easier for me to start writing epic stories in the fall. True, my novel was written in the summer, but that was different. The novel was coming out whether I wanted to or not and it had nothing to do with seasons.


The fall and winter have always been very powerful writing times for me. I wonder if it is because I love the coldness and depression of it all. Do all of those things inspire me? Or is it because school always started in the fall and I am conditioned to “hit the books”?


Whatever the reason, I just know that it is happening again. I have about three stories in my head that are kicking to get out. Plus I still have the Michael story to finish. I finally figured out why Michael is like Holden, I just haven’t got back into the story.


I know now that I need to discipline myself. If I don’t, I will die with one thousand stories never finished.


Does anyone else have this seasonal writing thing or am I just an odd ball?   


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