Michelle Wittle On Finding Places to Publish Your Work

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

Before I even begin with that, I have two confessions to make. The first one has to do with the bookstore. You remember how the other day I said that in the bookstore there was this end cap that was bothering me and I wanted to fix it? Well, after about ten minutes of looking at the end cap again, I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked around, saw no one was watching me, and then I fixed the end cap. I felt ten times better after it. I also realized that this does in fact make me a complete dork.


The other confession is more of a “hey how dumb am I” kind. After I finished writing my blog, I started wondering how to go about finding other literary journals to unleash my work on. I was like the little kid kicking the can around saying “I don’t know what to do”. Then, I actually went to the Philadelphia Stories Webpage and saw this little dropdown do-hickey (official name, I swear) that said Resources for Writers. Lo and behold, there were about five or six other literary magazines listed. I felt so dumb because here was the information I wanted and it was so close to me it could have punched me in the stomach and cackled. However, that is the way of my life. I am always looking at the distant future that I barely see the progress I am making in the present.


So, now that I have that information, I started getting itchy fingers. It is time for my stories to really start coming out and shaking hands with the literary world around me. I will continue to look for new places to submit my work to, but it is nice to know that I have a good place to start.


Oh yeah, and I still don’t know why Holden is like Michael. Maybe I should take that part out? 


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