Michelle Wittle On Rejection Letter Number 5

Michelle Wittle On, Writing Tips

I am starting to loose faith in my writing. I am pretty sure that this is normal and I know I need to get a tougher skin and all of that, but everyone gets weak at times and this is just my time.


This is the fifth time I have written a story for the same place and I am still getting a ton of negative feedback. I think what bothers me the most is that I put actual biographical events in this story and I am being told that those things are unbelievable. Do we have the right to say how someone sees a situation is unbelievable? I mean if it is grossly out of whack and doesn’t fit in the story, then I think sure, pull the “too much creative freedom” card. But if it fits in the story, how can it be wrong?


In a story (especially one of flash fiction) shouldn’t there be unanswered questions? Maybe not unanswered, but just questions that you need to dig a bit for in order to find the answers. I love hiding behind words and I do love a mystery. I don’t want to just tell my readers everything that is going on. I think some things need to be unsaid yet implied. So for me to be told that I am leaving unanswered questions, well it makes me a bit angry.


Then there is the “I am telling two stories”. This may be true. I think with this story I was trying to keep with one idea, but maybe another story is pushing itself out. That is the thing with me. When I write I story, I don’t sit there and story board it all out. I don’t think about who will be sitting reading my tale. I just write it out. I have this idea and I just let it take form. Maybe that is my downfall. Maybe because I am not thinking about who will read it, I can’t craft it well enough. But then I feel like that is selling out because I am crafting something for someone instead of it just coming out and seeing where it should go.


Maybe I am taking one person’s opinion way too seriously. Another person may read the story and think it is great. That is why I am putting it on my own blog (mwittle.wordpress.com). Come read it for yourself and see what you think. I will have the whole story along with the whole rejection letter. I am really hoping for some more opinions. My bruised ego needs some TLC.


I am rewriting the story again and this time I will tell the story I think has been trying to get out the whole time. I will, as much as it hurts, tell the story about how someone has lost their twin soul and desperately needs them back. 


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