Blogs by Writers: This Woman’s Work


I love reading blogs by writers. Blogs are a place where they are often free to be less “writer-ly” and are able to speak about various things that are going on in their lives, as well as about their writing.

Dawn Friedman’s blog This Woman’s Work is a perfect example of such a writer’s blog. Over the four or so years I’ve been reading her blog (full disclosure; I’ve also been to Dawn’s house and she took me out for the world’s best salty caramel ice cream, so I might be a bit prejudiced), I’ve watched her home school her son, change careers, adopt a daughter, draft a book proposal, trash that book proposal and create another, start two businesses, and pimp her sister’s crafts.

What I love about Dawn’s blog is that she lets you into each and every single one of these events with the same level of openness and genuineness. I feel like I’ve learned just as much from her about open adoption as I have about pitching articles to publishers. Her blog isn’t just about writing; it’s about living a writing life. She talks about the balance of motherhood and career, the societal pressures of raising a mixed race child, and about meeting with a new corporate client–sometimes all in the same entry.

Getting an opportunity to take such a full peek into a writer’s life is rare. Because blogs also feature comments, you are also able to engage with Dawn (and her readers) about all of these subjects, therefore including you in the story.

For me, I’ve found Dawn’s blog not just entertaining but also inspiring. It was with her encouragement that I made the leap into full-time freelance writing. Without her example, I would have never sent a single pitch to a magazine or website (so what if those pitches have fallen on deaf–or maybe blind–editor’s ears? The point is that I SENT THEM). I’ve also found it fascinating to watch her make the change from magazine writer and editor–where she felt she didn’t get to write about what she wanted to–to corporate writer (where she still may not be writing what she wants, but she finds the work easier and better paying). I eagerly perused her business cards for ideas when it came time to create my own.

But it’s not just the business end of writing that makes Dawn’s blog so riveting. Dawn’s stories of her family–particularly her incredible successful open adoption of her daughter Madison–are so open and heart wrenching that you can’t help but feel invested in her family. I’ve never witnessed any woman work so hard at the art of mothering, and her entries as she struggles with her role as mother are gripping. Again, she is inspiring–she’s forced me to look at elements of motherhood I might have never considered without her input.

So, anyway, enough gushing–go read it. You’ll find her blog is easily searchable so you can just read about what interests you, but I feel fairly certain you will end up reading more than you expected.

I meant to write about Dawn’s blog a couple weeks ago, but I was away in San Francisco attending a massive convention of women bloggers–please forgive me! I promise to write about another writer’s blog soon.


2 thoughts on “Blogs by Writers: This Woman’s Work

  1. Cecily, you make me blush. But seriously. Plus you make me feel guilty because I have since discovered that that was NOT the best salty caramel ice cream in town. You’ll have to come back so I can take you for the good stuff AND so Charlie can finally get into the train museum!!!!

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