Local Writers Groups (by Christine Weiser)

Writing Tips

Someone asked in a post if we know of any writers’ groups in the area. We get this question all the time. We aren’t in a position to recommend any specific groups (although we’ve heard good things about Alison Hicks’ Wordshop Studio), but – basically all you really need to start a writers’ group are good readers and committed writers. Don’t just get your friends to sit around and talk about how great everyone is (or worse — how terrible everyone is). We’ve found the best formula to be inviting a group of careful readers willing to commit to a regular meeting (once a month, every other week) where they discuss and critique each other’s work. It helps to have one experienced facilitator in the group (maybe a teacher or experienced writer, or someone who just manages the meeting to keep everyone on task). Carla and I have had a group that has ebbed and flowed over the years (from as few as three to as many as 12), and being forced to submit work on a regular basis really is helpful. The experience of discussing what works and what doesn’t in a story/poem/essay can be a valuable tool to writers of all ability levels.

Any other feedback on writers groups out there?  


One thought on “Local Writers Groups (by Christine Weiser)

  1. Yeah, the idea of having regular meet-ups is great though it demands dedication and commitment. I agree that writer groups encourage and motivate young or upcoming writers to write regularly and receive useful feedback.

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