Still in the Middle

Magazine News

So, we’re still in the middle of the Philadelphia Stories events storm that started with the online auction, then our fundraiser/party a few Saturdays ago (which involved practicing and playing all new material with a band (The Tights) I haven’t played with in, I don’t know, two years ), getting ready for the Free Library festival this weekend, and then our first week long retreat in partnership with Rosemont College that starts on June 9. Oh — did I mention Carla and I work full time for paying jobs? I hate whiners, and this really isn’t a rant because really I’m having a pretty good time. 

Probably time to bring in a few more PS voices, and we’ve had two kind volunteers: Christine and Cecily, who promise to share their wisdom on our blog. If Carla ever catches her breath between grading papers, coordinating the conference, schlepping magazines to the library, etc., she’ll be chiming in, too.


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